From Freshman Question Mark to Sophomore Standout

Ben Hicks is doing what no one thought he could. 

In overtime against Cincinnati Ben hicks did what he has struggled to do for the last 19 games of his college career.

Under pressure he rolled right, being chased by two defenders. Facing a 4th-and-26 Hicks was forced to to throw on the move and across his body.

Simultaneously, Trey Quinn, the breakout transfer star and record breaking receiver for SMU cut across the middle of the field, just two yards in front of the 1st down marker.

During the 2016 season Mustang fans questioned Chad Morris’ decision to start Hicks. But with the injury to senior Matt Davis, Morris and offensive coordinator Joe Craddock didn’t have a choice.

As the 2017 season kicked off, once again Mustang fans questioned Morris’ decision to start the sophomore quarterback over Arkansas transfer Rafe Peavy and JUCO transfer DJ Gillins.

But as Quinn cut across midfield and Hicks neared the white sideline, Hicks let fly the biggest throw of his career – a completion to Quinn which set up an SMU field goal that eventually won the game for the Mustangs.

For the sophomore QB from Waco Midway, Hicks is finally beginning to receive the credit that he deserves.

Seven games into the season, Hicks ranks 16th in the nation in passing yards with 2,305. And according to, Hicks ranks 19th in the nation in total quarterback rating with a rating of 73.8.

There is not doubt that Hicks has a lot of room for improvement, however, the sophomore appears to have a bright, long term future with the Mustangs and will play a pivotal role in the future of Chad Morris’ program.

The most exciting thing about Hicks is that he continues to improve every week. Most notably in that improvement has been Hicks’ ability to throw under pressure.

While some Mustang fans are still not sold on Hicks as SMU’s QB, he has proven time and time again that he can get the job done, and at this point in the season I support him – so should you.

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