OPINION: Chad Morris Won’t Leave SMU Anytime Soon

Over the last two weeks we’ve endured rumors of Chad Morris wanting the Ole Miss job and interviewing for the Tennessee job. However, with the Texas A&M job being filled by Jimbo Fisher, I don’t think Chad Morris goes anywhere anytime soon.


When the Ole Miss head-coaching position became vacant, many people speculated that it was a job that Chad Morris wanted. But why would Coach Morris want to job at Ole Miss with sanctions pending from the NCAA? Since Dan Mullen left and Matt Luke was promoted the NCAA handed down sanctions to Ole Miss’ program that include a bowl ban and scholarship cuts. Did that situation look appealing to Morris considering he is on the upward stretch of rebuilding a program? I doubt it.

There was never really any proof that linked Morris to the job at Tennessee except for reports from “sources”, a dangerous term in the world of reporting.

Now, rumors are swirling that Morris or Memphis Head Coach Mike Norvell could be leading candidates for the job at Arkansas. Do we have any signs that would imply Morris would want that job? Nope, but we have plenty of signs that would show he doesn’t.

Morris’ contract extension has him at SMU through 2023. What does that mean? Really nothing except that it shows Morris is open to staying at SMU.


I think if Coach Morris left the Hilltop anytime soon it would be for Texas A&M. His alma mater and where he grew into coaching both as an athlete and a graduate assistant, I believe A&M makes the most sense. However, with that position filled, and likely for a long time, I think Coach Morris will remain at SMU for a lot longer than people initially thought.

The plot twist would be where does Morris go, if not in Texas? Morris’ roots and recruiting strength are in Texas. However, his coaching style, offensive prowess and explosive play style make him an attractive coach at any level at any school in the country. That makes predicting Morris’ next destination nearly impossible. He’s a coach that any school would want, that any recruit would want to play for, and that any fan would cheer for.

Arkansas and Tennessee are still the biggest front-running college head coaching positions that are open. UCF did not finalize a deal with Kevin Sumlin so the Knights remains open, but Morris would never leave SMU for UCF. That being said, the UCF position could possibly create another vacant position at another university that Morris could find appealing.

For now though, I think it’s safe to say that SMU has survived another year of close calls when it comes to keeping Morris on the Hilltop.


About two years ago we reported the idea of SMU building new practice facilities for football program. In October, SMU football revealed new lockers that would be installed in the off-season, however it has yet to be seen whether or not new facilities are coming their way anytime soon…

In 2016, SMU officially announced its plans to build an Indoor Performance Center. This would include an indoor track and field, a new outdoor practice field, and other facilities and resources for student athletes. The issue? SMU estimates that it would take approximately 16 months from start of construction to complete the facility.

Photo of the IPC and outdoor field | Photo Courtesy of SMU.

If SMU does not break ground soon though, they might have a hard time convincing Morris to hang around while the facilities are being constructed.



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